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Everyone we had interaction with was compassionate, smiling, sharply dressed and greeted us with concern for my family. We were very happy. Adam Byers was very kind, patient and helpful. Ralph Purcell was also kind and helpful.
~ Jeffery   R. - 4/21/2018
Eric went above and beyond to help us while being as compassionate as a family member. He actually had the florist dye a rose so I could make sure it was the right shade of purple...a small thing that meant a lot to me. Thank you. We truly appreciated the compassion and professionalism of the staff and services at your facility.
~ Heather   H. - 4/14/2018
I have never been treated as good as I was when I came in to make arrangements for my husband from the time I walked into the door I was treated like my and my family's pain mattered i just really want to say thank you to all the Grove city Ohio staff you all are very wonderful from the hospital to the cremation and then the ceremony i truly felt that you all took a hard situation and made it easier to cope. I will never quit missing Dave but thanks to you all I made it through. You are all wonderful thank you so much.
~ Naomi   S. - 3/20/2018
I could not have had a better service. It was beautiful. One person remarked it was the only funeral he had been to - he actually felt good when he left. 
~ Cathy   S. - 2/18/2018
While I have personally expressed my appreciation to both Jessica and Bill over the phone, I wanted to share my feelings online as well. The service for my Mom, Betty Broek, on Wednesday, December 27th, was exceptional in every way. Each member of the staff at Newcomer's was professional, kind, and caring. One could tell it not superficial, but rather came from the heart, which was quite comforting. I required some assistance a few days after Mom's service, and each time I called, the person on the other end of the line went above and beyond the call of duty in order to help me, which I greatly appreciated. Everything- from beginning to end, and after- was first class. Mom had a police escort on the way to the cemetery, and I was so very touched when our car passed by and I witnessed his raising his hand in a salute as we all made our way. I hope he will see what I have written, and know how much the way he honored my mother meant to me. I have never seen a policeman perform such a touching and meaningful action prior to this. I thank him for that. It is never easy to let a loved one go, but everyone at Newcomer helped to soften the blow, and I thank each of them from the bottom of my heart for that. May God bless each of you! 
~ Pamela   B. - 1/2/2018
My Dad went home to be with Lord this past week and we were told to go to Newcomer by numerous people. This was the very best decsion we could have made to honor my Dad and his passing. The staff was so comforting and helpful. They made my family feel so at ease that everything would be handled with excellence and we are so thankful.
~ Cathy   S. - 12/14/2017
We felt very good about using Newcomer. Our experience was the best it could have been. Jim Anderson is a very compassionate, warm person. You can tell he cares for people the way he would for his own family. 
~ David   S. - 12/8/2017
My parents had done pre-arrangements in May/June 2017. They passed away unexpectedly in July 2017 (5 days apart), everyone at Newcomer were caring, kind and very helpful. They made a touch 2 weeks easier by handling everything. 
~ Cheryl   M. - 12/8/2017

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