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Extremely satisfied with both the staff and the service. Overall, Newcomer provided a service and cremation that was both dignified and non-problematic which was greatly appreciated by the family. Eric was professional and respectful and we appreciated his willingness to explain and describe the choices available.
~ Michael   R. - 8/22/2019

My Dad's passing was the worst thing to ever happen to me and my family. I appreciate the entire Newcomer staff and their compassion and service during this time. Lori went above and beyond to make sure everything was up to my standards and made me feel at ease. She was so helpful and made this time stress-free. 
~ Ashley   M. - 8/9/2019

We cannot think of anything at all to improve your services. The staff was phenomenal and Ashley was great! We will refer everyone we know that would need your services, we will tell them they are in great hands with Newcomer!
~ Ransom   H. - 7/27/2019

The respect given to the care of my brother's remains and to my mother's feelings were immeasurable to our family. I will recommend your facilities to everyone looking for a place to send their loved one home. Outstanding staff and service. 
~ Cheryl   B. - 7/13/2019

Thank you deeply for helping through our difficult time and especially Jim's extra efforts to make sure my father's wake before the burial was perfect. 
~ William   J. - 7/8/2019

We were completely satisfied from start to finish. Eric's empathy was genuine and everything he said he would do, he did. The entire staff was pleasant and comforting.
~ Denice   N. - 7/3/2019

Your kindness and assistance were truly wonderful. I would recommend your services to everyone.
~ Cindy   F. - 6/30/2019

All the staff members were awesome! Just keep up with what you are doing for families and please don't change a thing! Thank you so much.
~ Matthew   M. - 6/21/2019

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